Greetings, and welcome to my Efolio page. My name is Matthew Wheeler and I am a student of Holy Cross College, in South Bend Indiana. Born only a few miles from Notre Dame's campus, in the city of Mishawaka, I have lived in the area my whole life. This Efolio page is my college experience in a nutshell, and I would encourage the curious, to read on if you wish to know more about me. 

Upon graduating from Penn High School, in Mishawaka, I became very anxious of what to do next. I swiftly sent an application off to a college my sister had attended and enjoyed. She said it had helped her to improve her grades, enabling her to transfer to Purdue University. By the time I would begin my collegiate studies, Holy Cross would grow into a four year program. Though I had considered using Holy Cross as a intermediary to a larger school, I found myself perfectly happy in the little south bend college.  

A unique experiential learning curiculum, coupled with a liberal studies focus. Liberal studies was the major I would eventually choose, and it has most certainly prepared me for a dynamic world. During my education at Holy Cross, I was tested by classrooms studies, international travel, manual labor, and personal reflection. This school is set apart from others I had observed, because of how well rounded it can be.I attribute the school's strength, to it's unique 'core' outcomes and 'four pillars'.   

At Holy Cross The core comepentencies and the four pillars act as an academic gautlet students must complete before graduating. The core, or learning outcomes, are comprised of traditional and modern content, as well as a set of unique inter-discinplinary studies courses. The four pillars of Holy Cross, are our interdisciplinary studies. These classes, aside from aiding in my development academically and professionally, have also aided to affirm my vocation. The final task of an HCC student is the capstone presentation, a brief encapsalation of one's entire experience at Holy Cross College. This capstone gives the outsider a miniscule overview of the path the student took between Alpha, and Omega.

My capstone presentation it set for November 14th, in room 140 (art room), I hope you will attend, and thank you for viewing my E-folio!